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The Insurance industry is around to prevent and mitigate risk, and drones are very effective at helping them achieve these goals. Before UAVs, adjusters would have to take more risks such as climbing roofs to complete property inspections, but now drones are being deployed to capture that data in a much safer way and streamline aerial property inspections for underwriting and claims. Outside of keeping adjusters safe, drones are saving insurance companies around the world millions each year with a more efficient data collection strategy. According to Cognizant, the use of drones is estimated to make claim adjusters’ workflow 40-50% more efficient.

Why Skye Link? We are a national drone service company for Insurance and Roofing. Our drone service platform streamlines aerial inspections including residential aerial property inspections, commercial roof drone surveys, aerial roof inspections, thermal mapping and infrared inspection for commercial roofing, and general aerial photography.

Residential Roof Drone Inspection Deliverables: Turnkey Residential Roof Inspections Starting at $275/Property!

Inspection Options
  • Pdf Photo Report with all aerial images including overview, oblique and close up shots
  • Damage Assessment: pdf report highlighting all found hail, wind, and other storm damage to roof including associated images
  • Dynamic Property Measurements: Detailed measurements of roof including pitch breakdown, facet information, areas, squares, etc. Delivered either as pdf report and/or Xactimate / Symbility roof macros which can be uploaded into each estimating software.
  • 3D Model. AutoCAD compatible .dxf file delivered allowing point to point measurements and model manipulation.
Commercial Roof Drone Inspection
  • Same deliverables offered as the residential roof inspection including roof damage assessment reports, dynamic roof measurements, CAD compatible data files.
  • Additional Commercial Roof Drone Service Offered: Thermal inspection of commercial roof to identify potential leaks or problem areas. Infrared data can be used to create a roof moisture map, and provide additional insight that is used to document exterior conditions of the roof.
Drones are widely known and popular among people playing online casinos casinosterson.com for Insurance and Roofing. According to Cognizant, online casino players use drones to collect data, they can easily climb onto the roof. Online casino players save millions of dollars every year through effective strategies, claims adjusters take on more risks to inspect property from the air

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