About Us

About Skye Link


Skye Link enables access to on-demand aerial imagery & data for all businesses through our drone service platform. Our platform streamlines processes for clients to order drone services by connecting them to certified, insured, commercially trained pilots and swiftly deploying them for various mission types.

Our marketplace platform allows drone pilots & service providers in the UAV industry to create profiles, share their work, find drone jobs, submit proposals to openings in their area, and get paid for their work. Skye Link’s global community includes not just UAV pilots, but also, engineers, educators, developers, & other consultants. We aim to create the most inclusive network of drone professionals in the world. This diversity creates a unique group of individuals & businesses, that collaboratively, can continue to push the UAS community forward in a positive direction.

Skye Link’s nationwide professional drone services & UAS consulting offerings include aerial data collection & analysis, on-demand aerial inspections, drone photography, and other customizable solutions that give our clients the flexibility to scale their operations by utilizing our global network of certified, insured, quality vetted pilots

Company Mission

To make drone services easily accessible to all businesses through a streamlined platform delivering on-demand aerial data & insights in a safe, efficient and compliant manner.

Core Values

  • Partnership Mindset
  • Facilitate Collaboration
  • Embrace Challenges As Opportunities

Our mission & core values stem from our Conscious Capitalism philosophy that business has a higher purpose than purely profits. We aim to foster trust and create value by creating win-win-win situations for all our stakeholders including customers, team members, pilots, suppliers, and our communities while allowing profits to follow from those commitments. We believe together anything is achievable.

Our Story & Our "Why"

Our founder, Leo Adams, has always had a passion for business. He began his journey in the UAS industry as a remote pilot in 2016 providing aerial photography & data collection services. Leo has completed hundreds of missions in the real estate, insurance, roofing, energy, and construction industries. After establishing himself firmly in the drone industry, he realized his desire to also help other pilots start and grow their own aerial imaging businesses. This is when he and his Co-Founder, Kinjal, created Skye Link, a professional drone service platform & marketplace. Skye Link aims to help independent drone pilots and small businesses grow their business through a community driven platform with informational resources and project opportunities.