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Commercial Roof Drone Inspection Services

Using drones equipped with visual and thermal cameras to conduct commercial roof aerial inspections is a valuable tool for both roofing companies and insurance firms.

For roofing companies, commercial roof drone inspections allow them to quickly and safely assess the condition of a roof without the need for scaffolding or other access equipment. They can capture high-resolution images and video of the roof from a variety of angles, providing a detailed view of the roof surface and any damage or defects. This can help roofing companies to more accurately assess the scope of work required and provide more accurate quotes to customers.

Insurance firms can also benefit from the use of drones for commercial roof inspections. By having access to high-quality images and video of the roof, insurance adjusters can more accurately assess the extent of damage and determine the appropriate level of coverage. Drones equipped with thermal cameras can also help to identify hotspots on the roof, which can indicate areas of moisture or insulation problems that may not be visible with a visual inspection alone.

Overall, the use of drones for commercial roof inspections offers many benefits for both roofing companies and insurance firms. It allows for more efficient and cost-effective inspections, reduces the risk of injury for inspection personnel, and provides more accurate assessments of the condition of the roof.

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Visual and Thermal Drone Roof Inspections

The fact that drone technology enables commercial roof surveys to be effectively conducted from the ground is big win for the safety of both roofers and insurance adjusters alike while not compromising on the accuracy of roof measurements. Regardless of the steepness or type of roof, drones equipped with high-resolution visual sensors capture imagery that can be processed by a cloud-based modeling software to render detailed 3D models providing all the measurement information on all roof areas, facets, pitches, etc. Not only is obtaining these accurate roof measurement using aerial data safer, but it is much more efficient than having a 2 man team spend an entire day surveying a roof when a drone can capture all images needed to inspect the roof and produce the 2D and 3D models in as short as a half an hour.

In addition to visual aerial inspections, other specialized types of imaging such as leveraging FLIR infrared sensors for commercial roof inspections can provide another level of data that can be used for commercial roof claims or more in-depth inspections. Both visual and thermal data sets can be crossed referenced to provide detailed damage assessment reports of the roof.

Furthermore, the thermal drone inspection data is very useful for identifying potential leaks on commercial roofs as well as providing detailed temperature data that can be leveraged to locate problem areas. Additionally, infrared moisture maps of the commercial roof can be created for insurance claims and/or referenced by roofers for project planning purposes.

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