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The construction industry has seen huge benefits from the rise of UAV technology. By deploying drones on job sites, construction companies have been able to improve infrastructure management and workplace safety. Previously difficult inspections & site surveys can now be conducted via a UAV. In the past, it would take 2-3 weeks to survey a site by collecting data, processing it, and delivering the PDF/CAD files and contour map, now with drones and mapping software this can be done in 1-3 days.

Real-time data collected during aerial surveillance has also led to increased connectivity and communication so operations run more efficiently. By utilizing drone maps/models, project managers & VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) departments are saving valuable time, mitigating risk, and keeping workers safer than ever before.

Why Skye Link for Construction? We are a professional UAV service company integrating drones into construction operations and streamlining the aerial data collection process. Our service platform allows us to provide on-demand nationwide drone services like aerial surveying, construction site progress monitoring, safety inspections, 2d/3d mapping, topography & contour modeling, and aerial mapping.

Top Services
  • Construction Progress Monitoring: Weekly pdf reports with overview images of site progress and key data points detailing information such as earthwork, volumetric information, hardware installation tracking, general site progress, etc. Reports can be customized to capture relevant data points depending on the type of construction. Remotely verify progress, streamline job site documentation and track progress over time with consistent data & visuals.
  • Site/Topography Surveys: Collect detailed topography information to produce contour models, point cloud, orthomosiac, digital terrain or elevation models. Depending on deliverable type can be delivered as .dwg, .dxf, .las file type.
  • Timelapse Creations: Video timelapse that can be created from anything from one days work or over months throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Great for marketing material!

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