Utility Drone LiDAR Inspection & Aerial Mapping Services

Utility Drone LiDAR Inspection & Mapping Services

  1. Drone Utility Inspections For Routine T&D Line Maintenance
    • Most transmission and distribution lines need to be inspected visually every couple of years with a more comprehensive level inspection required every 3-5 years depending on the state. UAS can help evaluate structural pole conditions for rust, rotting, etc, as well as other hardware components such as Insulators, conductor shoes, nuts, bolts, etc.
  2. Right of Way (ROW) Inspections / Corridor Mapping / Vegetation Management
    • Corridor mapping along line routes are extremely helpful to analyze right of way issues including encroaching vegetation. The use of drones facilitates these surveys and provides valuable documentation overtime to support clearing and maintenance efforts.
  3. Environmental & Slope Stability & Erosion Analysis
    • LiDAR-derived data aids in analyzing slope stability and detecting potential hazards, assisting in risk assessment. Detailed mapping supports the identification of natural hazards such as landslides or sinkholes, crucial for site safety assessments.
  4. Post Storm Damage Assessments
    • LiDAR data provides detailed 3D models of impacted structures and environmental conditions, aiding in structural assessments and remediation planning.
    • Quickly and accurately assess storm damage and share real-time information to response teams to improve response efforts both from effectiveness and efficiency perspectives
  5. Topography & Elevation Mapping (Contour Generation / DEM / DTM)
    • LiDAR-equipped drones are adept at generating precise elevation models and contour maps of the Right of Ways (ROW)
    • Accurate terrain data supports optimized design solutions, ensuring structures are built to withstand specific soil and geological conditions.

Key Advantages of Utility ROW LiDAR Mapping via Drones

    1. High Precision: Offers extremely accurate and detailed data capture.
    2. Efficiency: Enables rapid data collection and processing compared to traditional methods.
    3. Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces operational costs and time spent on surveys and inspections.
    4. Safety: Minimizes risks associated with manual inspections in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas.

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Why Skye Link? We are a national drone service company providing aerial data solutions for energy and utility companies. Our turnkey managed drone services streamlines aerial drone inspections including aerial power line inspections, (ROW) right of way LiDAR mapping, utility pole drone inspections, aerial LiDAR corridor mapping for vegetation management, transmission line drone inspections, distribution line drone inspections, and electrical substation drone inspections.

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