Using Drones For PV Solar Shading Inspections & Analysis

Using Drones For PV Solar Shading Inspections & Analysis

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How To Use Drones For 

PV Solar Shading Inspections & Analysis 


Drones are becoming an indispensable tool for solar companies. From pre-construction site surveys to O&M inspections, aerial data has become a vital piece of the entire solar development lifecycle. Now drones are helping conduct PV shading analysis to identify problematic areas where power loss is occurring.


Shading can create significant issues and lead to output issues that drive down the profitability of a system. By working with a Professional Drone Service company like Skye Link, you can identify where the PV system is losing production, understand where the problem areas are currently and potential areas of concerns in the future, and leverage a data-driven solution to create a remediation plan.


Shading Inspection Deliverables:

An in-depth analysis and power production breakdown of shading occurring on the site in question.

  • All imagery from the Standard Level Inspection: Orthomosaic 2D Map, Orbital Oblique Image Sets (Inner and Outer Facing Imagery of Entire Site)
  • A detailed .PDF report breaking down the PV system’s performance impact due to shading along with problematic object dimensions
  • Diagrams visualizing shade causing obstructions surrounding the PV system





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