Harnessing Aerial Podcast Launch


Harnessing Aerial Drone Podcast Launch

Drones can be a force for good in so many ways, but what are you going to do to harness their power yourself?

In BRAND NEW podcast “Harnessing Aerial” host Leo Adams talks with top UAS industry professionals gathering valuable information on how to leverage the power of drones for good. With guests from industry-leading software, services, and other incredible organizations, our audience will learn from the experience and insights shared from these top pilots, providers, and other influencers to learn about how they can elevate themselves to the next level.

We want to give you the knowledge and know-how to start applying the best practices and insights shared by our expert guests. The topics of each episode span multiple verticals, use cases, and industry applications that will fascinate drone service providers, industry stakeholders, and individuals looking to utilize aerial data within their companies. 


What Topics Does Harnessing Aerial Cover? 

The drone discussions on the Harnessing Aerial podcast will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the industry and often varies depending on the episode's guest and their expertise. 

                         Some popular topics Harnessing Aerial dives into includes:

  • LiDAR vs Photogrammetry: When to use each and the benefits/pitfalls of each method
  • Aerial Mapping: Best Practices, Use Cases, Creating Surveying Partnerships
  • Scaling Your Drone Business: Finding Clients & Marketing Your Business
  • Aerial Thermography: Industry Applications, Sensors, Software & Other Considerations
  • Tips & Tricks For Creating Sustainable Success in The UAS Industry
  • Drone Cinematography: Best Aerial Cinematic Shots, How To Create An Amazing Demo Reel, Manual vs Auto Settings
  • UAS Insurance: What you Need To Know & Ways To Save Money On Your Policy

                                                  AND SO MUCH MORE!


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Live Episodes - Harnessing Aerial Drone/UAS/UAV Podcast

Season 1 of the Harnessing Aerial Podcast is now live!! Check us out on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, or Soundcloud via the links below!

Episode 1: 

Scaling Your Drone Mapping Business, Enterprise Drone Program Considerations, Differences Between Drone Software and Drone Service Companies and More With Andrew Dennison of Drone Deploy

On this episode, Director of Enterprise Services at Drone Deploy, Andrew Dennison, joins host Leo Adams to share his expertise on how to scale a drone mapping business and industries that are heavily utilizing aerial mapping. You will also learn about what Fortune 500 companies are looking to do with drone technology, how to manage a global drone program, how drone service providers (DSPs) can successfully provide services to large enterprise clients.

Episode 2: 

Drone Based LiDAR vs Photogrammetry- Industry Use Cases, Equipment Considerations, & More with Dan Hubert of MODUS

In this episode on the Harnessing Aerial podcast, we dive into what is LiDAR and how to use Drone-based LiDAR,  When to use photogrammetry vs when to use LiDAR including the benefits of each method, Which LiDAR sensors can give you the best ROI, and the difference between ground control points and quality control points. We also discuss how to show the cost savings and risk-reducing benefits of LiDAR to clients and dive into other challenges are when starting a LiDAR mapping business.

Episode 3: 

How To Achieve Sustainable Success With Your Drone Business with Glenn Labay of Aerial Camera Services

The conversation in this episode centers around how to achieve success and create a sustainable drone business. You will learn how to start a drone business, the importance of defining your niche or service line, considerations when pricing drone services, the value of having a portfolio to share with prospective clients, and various aerial services you can offer depending on your industry experience. Leo and Glenn also dive into aerial thermography, thermal imaging drones and sensors, and more!

Episode 4: 

Drones in Public Safety, Aerial Thermography, and more with Derrick Ward of LAFD & Hot Shots

Derrick Ward, joins host, Leo Adams for an interesting discussion about drones in public safety. They discuss key considerations and challenges when building out a UAS program for public safety organizations, how the LAFD utilizes drones for its operations, and how DSPs can partner with their local fire or police departments to provide consulting services. Derrick also shares his take on the viability of using thermal equipped UAS to identify body temps during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Episode 5: 

Drone Insurance – How To Save Money On Your Policy & What You Need To Know When Purchasing A UAS Policy with Joe Ernster of Bullock Agency

In this episode on the Harnessing Aerial podcast, we have UAS insurance expert, Joe Ernster, who outlines his tips and tricks to help remote pilots learn how to save money on their UAS insurance policies. Joe also discusses mistakes to avoid when purchasing a drone insurance policy, the factors that determine your UAS policy premium, average UAS insurance policy prices, best practices when you have to file a claim, and much more!

Episode 6: 

Drone Cinematography – Tips, Lessons Learned, & Recommendations with Drone Pilot & Aerial Cinematographer Jimmy Olivero of Lyfted Media 

On this episode of the Harnessing Aerial podcast, we have aerial cinematographer, Jimmy Olivero, who outlines his tips and tricks to help remote pilots interested in getting into drone cinematography. Jimmy also strategies for drone pilots interested in getting into aerial cinematography, secrets for developing new business and finding quality client leads, and How to create an AMAZING demo reel and the importance of telling a story in your reel through music, motion and other important factors.

Episode 7: 

Drones in Solar, Aerial Thermography For PV Site Inspections & More with Austin Coffin of Raptor Maps

Leo is joined by Austin Coffin, Head of Sales at Raptor Maps, who shares his insights on how drones are being used in the solar industry, how to capture high quality infrared and visual data to inspect solar PV systems, challenges that solar companies are facing when trying to implement drone technology, and what the future holds for the industry and how to position yourself as a DSP to effectively serve the market!

Episode 8: 

Drone Services For Governments, Aerial Infrastructure Assessment, UAS Policy ANSI Standards Roadmap, Remote ID, IPP and More with Joe Valasquez of Dronescape

This episode with Joe V of Dronescape dives into drones in government, public safety, education and more. Joe offers tips for DSPs to get involved with their local/state governments to assist with operations including disaster response, as well as his tips for how drone pilots can make the transition to becoming UAS educators/trainers. The conversation also gets into infrared imaging for infrastructure inspections, federal UAS regulations, ANSI UAS standards roadmap, Drone ID, and more drone policy. 

Episode 9: 

Females & Diversity in the Drone Industry & Aerial Photography Tips with Elena Buenrostro of Women Who Drone

Elena joins Leo to discuss her company, Women Who Drone, and how they are inspiring, educating, and empowering women all across the world to foster more diversity in the drone industry. Elena is also a very skilled marketer and aerial photographer and she shares her insights on how to create a successful brand, how to leverage social media effectively to build your business, and other lessons she has learned from her various years flying drones. 

Episode 10: 

Aerial Mapping, Creating Surveying Partnerships, Drone LiDAR & More With Ryan McCutchen of Drone View Photography

Ryan McCutchen of Drone View Photography joins Leo as they dive into aerial mapping, surveying and drone LiDAR use cases. You will learn strategies for overcoming the cost barrier to get into drone-based LiDAR, how to find & begin partnerships with surveying firms as a drone service provider to create win win relationship for both sides, and how you can overcome client objections related to cost of using LiDAR and demonstrating the ROI clients will receive if they invest.

Episode 11: 

How To Become A Better Aerial Cinematographer, Real Estate Photographer, Drone Pilot Instructor, and More With Skip Fredricks of Hollywood Drones

Skip Fredericks, An Emmy nominated aerial cinematographer, comes on the show to share insights from his drone industry success with drone pilots interested in getting into the production industry. He discusses strategies for overcoming the barrier to get into film/tv including the importance of building a portfolio to showcase your brand. He shares ways to book more shoots and real estate gigs, and shares his top 5 cinematic video and aerial photography shots that every drone pilot needs to master.