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Price: 150 /hr

Gainesville, Florida

Industry Experience:

Veuwr Aerials is an aerial service provider that is based out of Gainesville, Florida. We are owned by Veuwr Inc, a leading video production company.. We are a market leader in the Aerial Industry and specialize in videography, photography, aerial technology, and other UAS services we can provide through the use of UAS technology. For years businesses like yours have had to hire a Helicopter company with an additional photographer for aerial photography. These flights typically costs anywhere from $300-$900 an hour, and this is before you even hire a photographer or pay for editing of the imagery. Drones are here to change the game! Our aerial services offer a significant cost savings over traditional helicopter flights, and our drones can go more places and far less intrusive. We operate legally under a part 107 certification from the Federal Aviation Administration, and our pilots have gone through extensive training – as a matter of fact, two of our pilots train other people! We also conduct extensive checks before flight and carry full liability insurance if requested, to cover you in case of any unfortunate circumstances.. Our aerial services are a great asset to the construction, agriculture, film production, television filming, search and rescue, insurance, and real-estate industries, as well as many others. We aim to provide exceptional service and provide a full satisfaction guarantee to this end.

Other Services:

Skills: Aerial photography, Aerial Videography, Videography, Cinematography, Drone Deploy, Aerial Surveying, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects

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Jacksonville Chik Fil A Aerial Video with Motion Graphics

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Pricing / Rates ($)

  • 3D Modeling - 150/hr
  • Aerial Cinematography - 150/hr
  • Damage Assessment - 150/hr
  • General Aerial Mapping - 150/hr
  • General Aerial Photography - 150/hr

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