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Veuwr Aerials, a Gainesville, Florida-based aerial service provider, operates under a part 107 certification from the Federal Aviation Administration, ensuring that we conduct our operations legally. Our pilots undergo rigorous training, with two of them even training others. We prioritize safety and quality by conducting thorough checks before every flight and offering full liability insurance upon request to protect you in unforeseen circumstances. Our aerial services cater to various industries, such as construction, agriculture, film and television production, search and rescue, insurance, and real estate. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Skills: Aerial photography, Aerial Videography, Videography, Cinematography, Drone Deploy, Aerial Surveying, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects

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Jacksonville Chik Fil A Aerial Video with Motion Graphics

Shopping Center

Gleason Place Shopping Center Aerial Video - Veuwr Aerials - Lake City FL

UF Gator Stadium in Gainesville, FL

Aerials of Land For Sale in Lake Placid, FL

Aerials of Land For Sale in Lake Placid, FL

Aerials of Jacksonville RV Park

Aerials of Shopping Center in High Springs, FL




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Pricing / Rates ($)

  • 3D Modeling - 150/hr
  • Aerial Cinematography - 150/hr
  • Aerial Cinematography - Inspire 2 Dual Op - 250/hr
  • Aerial Cinematography - Inspire 2 Single Op - 200/hr
  • Damage Assessment - 150/hr
  • Damage Assessment - 175/hr
  • General Aerial Mapping - 150/hr
  • General Aerial Mapping - 125/hr
  • General Aerial Photography - 14/hr
  • General Aerial Photography - 150/hr
  • Real Estate Marketing - Phantom 4 Pro - 150/hr

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