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COMPANY Thermal Cam USA is a drone aerial inspection company. Thermal Cam started initially as a thermal graphic inspection company in 2014, inspecting, roofs, electrical panels and residential commercial energy audits. We transitioned into drone aerial inspections, moving our handheld cameras to an aerial system that allowed us to inspect roofs, electric systems, and other locations, faster, safer, and more economically. In January 2018 United Infrared referred us to NRP for a large job in post-hurricane Puerto Rico. We inspected roofs, solar panels, and wind turbines, and as a result, received referrals on potential work in West Texas. In January we began targeting West Texas solar farms, wind turbine fields, and electric substations. Recently with Apex Onshore's help we have entered the Oil and Gas market flying Right of Ways. We have marketed Thermal Cam USA to several oil and gas companies and found work and interest in location mapping, asset inventory, containment inspections, gas pipeline leakage, and gas plant commissioning. These markets have required significant upgrade in equipment, staff and education, not to mention marketing. Our market is primarily West Texas; however, we have inspected as far north as Boston, south to Florida and west to New Mexico. We are credentialed and/or certified in all our markets. In some cases we are the only certified inspectors in this area. Markets We currently are flying or inspecting in 8 markets, Roof Inspections (residential and Commercial), Solar Farms, (residential and Commercial) Wind Turbine Electric Substations Right of Ways, Mapping Locations, inventory, condition maintenance Pipelines methane leakage, vegetation, mapping, maintenance Gas Plants site. Mapping, methane, maintenance MARKETS We inspect in 8 different markets: Roofs We inspect for water intrusion by flying RGB (digital) and thermal cameras to detail anomalies and damage. We use a drone/camera system and software specific to this type of job Solar/Solar Farms We fly Residential and Commercial panels, as well as Solar Farms, looking for microcell and or diode damage, AND inspecting the electrical structure back to the Sub-station, or transformer banks. We inspect at development stage, for elevation and area information, during construction to document construction phases, and at completion as a commissioning during transfer of ownership. We also inspect on an ongoing basis to determine operating efficiency. We use a drone/camera system with software specific to this type of job. Wind Turbine Farms We inspect towers and blades to determine damage from hail and or lightning strikes, or other types of damage. We use a drone/camera system specific to this type of work and as such, we offer significant savings when compared to rope or crane crews. In real terms a rope crew will inspect up to 2 turbines a day compared to Thermal Cam’s inspection rate of 1 to 2 turbines per hour. We subcontract with our software provider, who provides a BLADE MAPPING platform, similar to Inhouse GE and Vestas platforms. This means we can deliver a product or report that not only can be utilized with field operations, but allows enhanced communication with engineering support. We are one of a handful of drone companies that can provide this level of service. As such, there is a referral synergy between Thermal Cam USA and our software provider. Electric Substations and Transmission lines Our equipment allows us to inspect electrical systems, either handheld inspecting electrical panels in, warehouses, gins, plants, even hospitals, wherever there are large 460-volt panels. OSHA requires an inspection maintenance log of all electrical panels along with ARC FLASH labeling. We contract out the ARC FLASH work as we do not have the staff to provide this service (if we did it could be a lucrative market). We can take this panel work a step further and fly with thermal and RGB cameras, electrical substations looking for transformer or connection anomalies, and transmission power line, either as ongoing maintenance or, startup commissioning or during construction phases or mapping during initial project right of way. Right of Ways - Mapping We have a drone/camera system specific to flying distance to determine elevations, vegetation, and habitats. Drone aerial inspection is significantly faster than onsite inspection and can allow visual images to be sent to management to give a ground project review in near real time. We can also provide pre-construction site mapping in 2d, 3d, ortho-mosaic, hyper-mosaic and LiDAR. We can also provide as-built mapping and 3rd party scheduled maintenance. Locations, Batteries, Inventory Our drone/camera systems with software integration allow us to fly a site, document equipment on location, as well as provide information on the quality or integrity of the equipment. Integrating flight data and equipment data allows us to produce an E-Report for the client that documents equipment type, model, serial number, date of install, history, maintenance history, maintenance procedures, and safety protocol. The report is available with security coding, allowing office personnel to evaluate and make economic decisions in real-time and field people to make maintenance decisions with iPad support. This type of interactive software is now catching on and has been presented to companies such as GE, Energy Transfer, and Endeavor and has received a positive response. We are working with companies such as these to present the program from a field level. Railroad Commission and EPA require reporting and maintenance schedules such as SPCC. We can fly a battery and document the containment barrier as to height and width and volume to visually prove compliance. Our flight and report time is significantly faster than onsite personnel measuring and documenting data. Pipelines – Gas Plants Our third-party designed drone/camera systems allows us to fly these locations and document parts per million leakage levels and fly to document OGI plumes indicating leakage. Once a plume that indicates a leaking pop-off valve is found by our handheld camera OGI inspection, the next step is to document the actual PPM leakage, a 2-step process. By flying pipelines and plants we can find the source of leakage faster, easier, and safer, as well as document plumage and PPM in one step. (Drone carries a two -camera system.) We can fly this thermal to detect anomalies or as a 3d, ortho mosaic, hyperspectral and LiDAR to produce imaging showing land elevations, anomalies such water pooling, habitats, and vegetation or other right of way maintenance i.e. vegetation or damage. OPERATIONS We fly primarily DJI drones, and Flir camera systems. We fly phantom 4 RGB, for aerial digital documentation. DJI Inspire with thermal RGB cameras, primarily for backup, solar farms, wind turbines, right of ways. We use T420, T640, TRAMEX, C2 for handheld thermal and water intrusion. We are adding M210, for blade mapping, thermal capabilities. We are adding M600 for mini laser (PPM) and OGI capabilities. Our flight crews are RPIC (Remote Pilot in charge), VO (Visual Observer), and Safety trained. Crews are either 3-man, 2-man or single-flight operations. All flights are conducted similar to fixed wing aircraft flights. We are Part 107 certified (each Pilot), with waivers, (Night Flight, airport). We document all fights in a pilot log, drone log and conduct pre-flight and post-flight checklists, JASs NOAA weather documentation, and AT tower info. Our crew members have different Oilfield credentials or training such as PEC – Basic Orientation, H2 Gas. Each crew has a F150 4X4 4 door, with safety equipment and operating equipment to include hard hats, safety glasses, steel-toe boots, fire suppression, flight safety vest, caution strobes, snake boots, PPE, PPE overalls, as well as cold and hot weather gear. Each Drone/camera system has added batteries, power recharge, dual IPAD operation, Dual station operation setup on tripods (allowing multi-person viewing), strobe landing pad, and strobe onboard lighting. Our equipment is designed to travel (pelican cases). Our trucks also carry, umbrellas, field chairs, adaptable tonneau covers, power phone boosters. CERTIFICATIONS Part 107 Flight sUAS Thermal I, II, III; Thermal Aerial Drone certified, Waivers GAF, United Infrared, ITC Roof Certifications Roofs Thermal, Electric IR, RMaps solar panels, substations) Blade Edge Mapping turbines locations Interactive Software ONDAKA – locations Software DDeploy RofWs, locations, pipelines Rerferral Affliations, Blade Edge, OnDAKA, DataWing, DNV GL, INVENERGY, NRP (Ntnll Roofing Partners) ICC, IECC, CBCP, HERs, OGI

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Skills: Aerial Mapping, Aerial Photography, Video Production, Real Estate Photography, Solar PV Inspections, Cell Tower Inspections, Transmission & Distribution Line Inspections, Wind Turbine Inspections, Pipeline Inspections, Roof Inspections, Infrastructure Ins

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