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South Carolina Aerial Photography


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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Spec Drones is a company that specializes in helping all sorts of industries use and benefit from the power that comes with drones, and technology associated with these incredible machines. Whether you’re looking or help with inspections, surveying, or any flight solution, you’re going to find that we can help you with figuring out just how this option could very well help you garner support moving forward.

Other Services:

Skills: Aerial Surveying, Aerial photography, Photography, Aerial Videography, Photogrammetry, Drone Deploy, IR Data Collection, Adobe Creative Cloud, Airmap, Pix4D, Video Production, Thermal mapping

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  • Aerial Surveying - 2/hr
  • Real Estate Photography - 0/hr
  • Thermal Imaging - 0/hr

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