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Palm Bay, Florida

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My name is John Eftimiades and I have been a videographer/photographer for over 25 years. I am a Level 2 thermographer with an emphasis on energy audits. To that end I am a BPI certified Building Analyst and I hold my North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Associate certification. My areas of interest include residential and commercial aerial photography, as well as the use of thermography for both commercial roofs and PV systems

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Skills: Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, Aerial Thermography, Real Estate Photography, Video Production

Insurance Available : Yes


Aerial Roof Inspection of Home and Guest House

Preventative Maintenance for Residential PV; Is it Necessary?

Aerial Photography Residential Home

Farmhouse roof inspection

Close Up Floodlights

Overhead of an outdoor chapel

Aerial Photography Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse

Cell Phone Tower

Qualitative Thermography Small Commercial Roof




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