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COO at Skylevin, LLC / DO at Skyeye Geospatial, PLLC


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Wilmington, North Carolina

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I've been involved in commercial aviation since October of 1990 when I started working as a flight instructor with ISO Aero Service in Wilmington, NC. Next, I worked at CCAir, Inc. as a first officer flying various turboprop aircraft carrying passengers for USAirways. Next, CCAir was acquired by the Mesa Airgroup and in January of 2005, I began flying as captain out of Philadelphia (PHL) on the CRJ regional jet. Starting in September of 2005, I became involved as a managing partner of Skylevin, LLC, a drone services company in eastern NC. In addition, I began working with Skyeye Geospatial, PLLC in February 2018 utilizing drone technology in the survey industry.

Other Services:

Skills: Aerial Surveying, Aerial photography, Aerial Videography, Drone Deploy, Skyward, GIS Modeling, Geospatial modeling, Photogrammetry, Airmap

Insurance Available : Yes


Post Hurricane Florence insurance survey work.

Post hurricane tower inspection work.

Telecommunications site survey work

Documenting site progress.

NC Tourism drone work.

"East of Fishtown"




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