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Passion-Driven Content Creator and Musician located in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have a burning desire to create and help others accomplish great things. I put absolutely everything into my work and strive to become better not only in my craft, but as an individual as well. I'm not a talkative individual, however, I use my videos as my way of communication. Through my visuals and music I am sharing and expressing pieces of myself. Through my work the goal is to be able to reach and touch as many people as possible. To help you is the best way for me to accomplish that. The equipment I own, doesn’t determine the value and quality of the video we create, but know I’ve invested enough into film for you to obtain that commercial grade quality. Time is such a valuable commodity and it continuously tends to speed up, so I value you and everything you are trying to accomplish at a speed that works for you, efficiently. I hope you and your company can value and respect me and what I do for you!

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Skills: Video Editing Aerial Drone videography Retouching and color correction Digital enhancements Real Estate photography Wedding/ family photography Creative artistic vision Adobe Creative Suite

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