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Rotor City Drone is owned and operated by Todd Sedlak, a drone pilot with more than sixteen years of experience and 5,000 flight hours under his belt. Todd began operating in the US Army in Iraq in 2005, flying the Raven, a small fixed wing surveillance drone. He then spent the next ten years working for defense contractors, police and fire departments, surveyors, farmers, and energy companies flying many different small UAVs, all weighing less than 5 pounds. He has trained operators in a dozen different countries on myriad fixed wing and multi-rotor flying cameras. Todd is one of the most experienced pilots in the country. Rotor City Drone was founded to provide aerial photography, pilot training, consulting, wedding and event videography, real estate, inspections and agriculture services to the public. Todd has spent the last four years as a professional real estate photographer and videographer full time for Stylish Detroit.

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