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I, Ben Carrison, was born in Naperville, Il. in 1975. I attended High School at Hononegah High in Rockton, Il. Graduating in 1993. After high school I attended College at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, Il. I moved to Las Vegas, Nv. in 2000, a bit after meeting my wife, Estela. After hustling for some work for awhile, I entered the workforce with good employment as a Union laborer in Las Vegas, Nv with Local 872 in 2001. I worked steadily as a Union laborer for 5 years, entirley with Stewart and Sundell Concrete. In 2006, I entered the Union Carpenters of Local 1977, where I continue today as a Journeyman Union Carpenter. After leaving Stewart and Sundell in 2006 I worked on a few major Las Vegas construction projects. My crown jewel project was the construction of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. During construction of the Cosmopolitan I worked as a Carpenter foreman for the general contractor, Perini for 3 1/2 years. While still employed with Perini, I entered the Professional Real estate market as a Realtor in 2008. I continued as a Realtor until 2011, while still being employed with Perini. This was a very tough time for the Las Vegas real estate industry and the overall economy in general. I let my Real estate license go and continued as a carpenter. After taking jobs as a Union carpenter in both Phoenix, Az. and Los Angeles, Ca, while trying to raise a family in Las Vegas, I was able to come back to Las Vegas and work full time as a carpenter. With that experience behind me, I developed a determination to not let an industry have control of my being with my family. Although I continue as a Union carpenter, and part of it's Political Action Committee today, I was determined to open a business with the hopes of one day having something to hand over to my children. To broaden my horizons, I also educated myself and in 2016, I obtained my Inspector of Structures License in Nevada. Which I continue to be licensed today (Nv. IOS Lic. 2524) and own and operate Equity Home Inspections. I also re gained my real estate sales license in Nv. in 2017. With a continued passion to be the best at what I do and general fear of failure, and as part of what I considered the basic tools of a home inspector, I worked for and obtained both my Part 107 Certification and my CRT (Certified Residential Thermographer). After about 2 years of flying UAV's recreationally, my professional drone career started with basic home and roof inspections in 2017. As I continued with both Real estate sales and Inspections, I quickly developed a new niche for using my UAV, the real estate photography business. I opened Las Vegas Drones, LLC in 2017. I continue to operate Las Vegas Drones, LLC. We specialize with real estate photography, inspections (real estate, electrical and cell tower), 3dD aerial imagery, crop reports statuses and more. As a person that realizes change is constant, I welcome the drone industry with open arms. I have seen and expect many changes in the near future. At Las Vegas Drones, LLC, we aim to be at the forefront of the drone industry. - Ben Carrison

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