G3B Inflight Robotics ,Inc.

G3B INFLIGHT ROBOTICS has developed an autonomous drone solution to enhance critical infrastructures security and safety.


Price: 350 /hr

Anna, Texas

Industry Experience:

G3B Inflight Robotics offers a reliable, professional high quality drone photography and videography service to clients throughout United State of American , Asia,South America and Canada. G3B Inflight Robotics wide range of services will keep you covered for all of your commercial and luxury real estate photography & video production needs. G3B INflight Robotics, FAA 107 & OSHA certification 10 Allow us capture breathtaking & detailed imagery to monitor progress, gather data, and highlight completed construction site work... Monitor and track progress from the sky with detailed aerial photos. We capture images from various altitudes, distances, and directions to give you the full picture of your project. Get updates on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to understand how your project is progressing.

Other Services:

Skills: Aerial Mapping, Aerial Photography, Solar PV Inspections, Wind Turbine Inspections, Cell Tower Inspections, Infrastructure Inspections, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pix4D, Video Production, IR Data Collection

Insurance Available : Yes



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Thermal RPIC


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Pricing / Rates ($)

  • 3D Modeling - 350/hr
  • 3D Modeling - 400/hr
  • 3D Modeling - 600/hr
  • Aerial Cinematography - 150/hr
  • Aerial Surveying - 250/hr
  • Aerial Surveying - 300/hr
  • Agriculture Drone Services - 350/hr
  • Asset Inspections - 300/hr
  • Civil Engineering Design Mapping - 600/hr
  • Construction Surveying - 275/hr
  • Construction Surveying - 350/hr
  • Contour Generation - 400/hr
  • Damage Assessment - 300/hr
  • Damage Assessment - 350/hr
  • Digital Elevation Modeling - 350/hr
  • Event Videography - 250/hr
  • General Aerial Photography - 300/hr
  • Pilot Training - 300/hr
  • Progress Monitoring & Reporting - 250/hr
  • Real Estate Photography - 250/hr
  • Real Estate Photography - 300/hr
  • Thermal Imaging - 600/hr
  • Thermal Imaging - 630/hr

Custom Packages