Earth Mappers

Experienced pilot with mapping and GNSS/GCP's experience. Construction site updating, Agricultural field data and Aerial imaging


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Cedar Hills, Utah

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I am the head pilot and founder of Earth Mappers, my name is Jeff. I am a professional commercial drone pilot since 2016. I have piloted over 4,000 unmanned flights. Earth Mappers is a drone service company. Expertise in aerial mapping and survey, construction, agriculture, commercial real estate, aerial photography. Based in California and Utah. Insured for $1 million USD. Able to travel domestically and internationally. We fly commercial grade drones, cameras, and precise ground locating equipment like GNSS satellite GPS receivers for centimeter-level accuracy. I founded Earth Mappers to provide a drone service to commercial and private businesses. Our profile includes flying thousands of acres doing solar work, mapping, construction aerials, asphalt inspections, farm field scouting, ground locating and imagery post-processing. Please contact me for more information.

Other Services:

Skills: Aerial Surveying, Aerial photography, Aerial photography, Videography, Videography, Geospatial data, LiDAR, Skycatch, Robotics, Data modeling, Photography, Photogrammetry, Stock Footage Creation, Pix4D, Drone Deploy, Stock Footage Creatio, Adobe Lightroom

Insurance Available : Yes


National Park Highlight Video

Hotel Promotional Video

Educational Videos

Infrastructure Inspections

Commercial Real Estate Highlight

Constuction Site Overviews and Progress Reporting

Soil Erosion Work



Thermal RPIC
Aerial Mapping


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Pricing / Rates ($)

  • AGRICULTURE - 50/hr
  • CONSTRUCTION - 87/hr
  • DRONE SPORTS - 40/hr
  • EDUCATION - 55/hr
  • ENERGY - 120/hr
  • ENGINEERING - 90/hr
  • PUBLIC SAFETY - 75/hr
  • REAL ESTATE - 87/hr

Custom Packages

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