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Drone 360 Photography is a complete photo and video imaging service for aerial and ground.


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Lunenburg, Massachusetts

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Drone 360 Photography uses modern technology equipment and advanced techniques to provide ground and aerial commercial photography and videography with post-editing attributes. We provide a unique custom solution and the tools to promote your offering and your brand. We are fully insured and FAA sUAS commercial licensed Drone Pilots for aerials. Drone 360 Photography produces stunning photography in the residential and commercial real estate market, construction sites, retail properties, hospitality, office buildings and spaces, structural inspections, and many other industries. Optionally we may provide data mapping, volumetric usage, and inspections for roofers and towers, and other special applications on contract. We offer specials to realtors, veterans, and repeat clients. Any Business - Any Property - Any Structure - Any Space - Any Size - Any Use! Your business may gain from our GOOGLE Street View and ZILLOW Walk-Thrus, usable on social media, websites, U-Tube, and MLS listings and more.

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Skills: Aerial photography, Aerial Videography, Videography, Video Production, Stock Footage Creation, Google Cloud, Marketing, Research, Technical writing, Networking, Task management, Business intelligence, Post Editing, Photography, HTML

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