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Price: 100 /hr

Stowe, Vermont

Industry Experience:

DKS Drone is an aerial imagery company based in Stowe, VT. We offer a number of services across multiple industries, specializing in infrastructure and telecommunications inspections, orthomosaic mapping, and real estate photography. We offer a more efficient, cost-effective, and safe inspection process for difficult-to-access areas. Our cameras take high-resolution images and video that clearly show damage, cracks, misplaced wires and equipment, and other issues at angles and altitudes that humans cannot access. Orthomosaic mapping has become extremely valuable in the surveying, construction, and landscaping industries. Because the maps are stitched together from hundreds of different images, they lack distortion and aren't impacted by perspective. We provide scalable maps with consistent details, using georeferenced metadata to provide files for use in programs such as AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Global Mapper, and other similar software. We provide aerial photography for residential and commercial real estate. Realtors and home sellers benefit from an affordable way to capture the property from unique perspectives. Our photos provide the potential buyer with a birds-eye view of nearby amenities (including schools, playgrounds, parks, stores, and surrounding scenery), the surrounding neighborhood, and the quality of landscaping, walking paths, pools, backyards, and gardens. Drone images highlight all of these in a compelling, dramatic way – let us help you sell your home with our real estate photography packages.

Other Services:

Skills: Aerial Mapping, Ground Photography, Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, Video Production, Videography, Aerial Cinematography, Photogrammetry, Real Estate Photography, Solar PV Inspections, Cell Tower Inspections, Transmission & Distribution Line Inspe

Insurance Available : Yes


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Pricing / Rates ($)

  • Asset Inspections - 100/hr
  • Damage Assessment - 100/hr
  • Event Videography - 200/hr
  • General Aerial Photography - 100/hr
  • Real Estate Photography - 100/hr
  • Roof Inspections & Surveys - 100/hr

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