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DAFFY services to Real-Estate, Construction, Insurance, and Cinematics for journalism and film. To all my clients; I am informing you that from start to finish that you understand the value of time and where the pricing works for you. All licensed drone pilots have to deal with Operating Limitations; Airspace, Weather, Compliance with the FAA, Restrictions, Reviewing Sectional Charts and Aeronautical Decision making. We are dealing with FAA regulations and pre-flight checklists that alone can take up to 30-60 minutes prior to flight. Normal flight time for DAFFY is 2-hour minimum. We at DAFFY believe you get what you pay for and we pride on professionalism! When it comes to Real Estate Commercial & Residental, DAFFY believes expansive and unique properties that have something like stables, lots of land, farmland, second dwellings or additional buildings on the land don't photograph well from the ground. In marketing real estate, Agents are trying to gain people's attention and have them spend more time looking at the properties. Any opportunity you have to further educate the buyer to the property they're purchasing is a win-win for everybody. For Construction Monitoring on Job Sites, DAFFY believes contractors carry a significant risk on every project. From being overbilled on one side to being underpaid on the other to mistakes, rework, missed deadlines, and legal challenges, few industries provide as many opportunities to lose money. When you have to frequently shuttle between multiple job sites or have taken up simultaneous renovation and facelift for multiple properties. Owners and other stakeholders understandably demand progress updates on a regular basis. This can be a pain for you if you have to walk the site or send someone to take photos. CINEMATICS, DAFFY believes that Earlier, filmmakers were forced to use helicopters, zip lines or even cranes to shoot the aerial shots. Aerial scenes used to create the buzz about the movie. Either it was scenes of magnificent landscapes or chasing cars, adding aerial scenes to the movie was not easy. Recent data shows that the future of drones will actually be shaped by practical commercial applications. Helping keep the cost down and more affordable for the film industry.

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Skills: Photography, Aerial photography, Aerial Videography, Cinematography, Videography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects

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DAFFY Grotjan Dairy Farm film

DAFFY: Hupke Real-Estate 60 second demo video.




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Real-Estate 424
Price: 424/total
Deliverables: AERIAL AMALGAMATION: (Commercial Style Video) and photos. 10 - High-Resolution Aerial Photos (jpeg format unless other format requested) 1 - Commercial Style Video (60 seconds) (1 Realty logo, 2 text boxes (2 lines of text), (1 Realtor Name & contact info - MP4 format unless other format requested) In-house Video/Photo Editing Color correction for photos, Image size adjustments if needed, Video Editing, Ambient sound or Music for video 1 Video adjustment if needed (text boxes) 5-6 Day Turn-Around (expedited service available for additional cost)