Cameron Osborne Photogrpahy

Professional Licensed and Insured Pilot


Price: 250 /hr

Coquitlam, British Columbia

Industry Experience:

I have been piloting UAVs for over ten years. I am Canada wide with extensive experience working amongst high air traffic locations. Working with air traffic control and municipalities to obtain flight permissions where most can not fly. I have Mavic 2 Professional, DJI M210 RTK with multiple camera set ups, DJI Inspire 2 with X5s and X7 cameras. Extensive experience on all platforms. For Lidar Units, we fly a M600 with Green Valley Liar S50 and co Pilot a Routiscene Lidar Pod. I am co-owner and co-founder of Lidar Canada Inc. (A UAV Lidar, Photogrammetry and Inspection company) If you need Lidar services or Photogrammetry services we can offer this as well thru our company.

Other Services:

Skills: Aerial Surveying, Aerial photography, LiDAR Data Collection, LiDAR, Aerial Videography, Videography, Photography

Insurance Available :


Contour maps made from Lidar Scan

Lidar Scan Deliverables

Real estate shoot

Drone Real Estate Photogrpahy

Aerial Real Estate

DJI Inspire 2 with X7 Camera



LiDAR Equipped & Capable


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Pricing / Rates ($)

  • Real Estate Photography - 250/hr

Custom Packages

Aerial Video/photo
Price: 1250/total
Deliverables: Inspire 2 with X7 camera for 3 hr session with 2 pilots.

Price: 500/total
Deliverables: Photogrammetry packages starting at $500 and ranging due to size of parcel scanned and complexity of project