California State University, Northridge

Recreational drone pilot with interests in getting a license to become a commercial pilot


Price: 50 /hr

Los Angeles, California

Industry Experience:

I have experience in flying DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum, and Phantom 3 Standard drones. I currently use the Mavic Pro for recreational purposes as a hobby. I want to hone my skills further and become a commercial pilot.

Other Services:

Skills: Photography, Aerial Videography, Aerial photography, Videography, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, GIS Modeling, Spatial Analysis, Research

Insurance Available :


Short Nature Video

Maui Short Video

Captivate Short Video

Waves Short Video

Humboldt/San Francisco Short Video




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Pricing / Rates ($)

  • Aerial Cinematography - 50/hr
  • General Aerial Photography - 50/hr

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