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1UP Aerial Drone Services, Inc., headquartered in scenic Golden, Colorado, provides aerial services to a wide range of industries including dam, ditch, and water management, hydro-engineering, agriculture, commercial real estate, land development, construction, insurance, forensic science, surveying, mining, and heavy industry utilities. Mr. Adams serves as 1UP President, FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot, and tenured IT, Cloud industry veteran who spent 23 years in the high-tech industry. We see the intersection of what the Colorado water community can do with industrial strength use cases that unmanned aircraft represent. Combine drones with orthomosaic photos, videos, 3D modeling GIS software, and we jumped at the opportunity to integrate these aerial service offerings. We drive cost effective, revenue generating solutions that augment client’s current GIS surveys and hydro engineering dam, ditch, business inspection, and data acquisition strategies. For example, we combine inexpensive 3D Models with GIS information over large commercial tracts of land to provide seepage monitoring, reservoir volume measurement, sediment analysis, inspection of dams, flumes, diversion dams and “voila” we create robust GIS models from the raw land. These models provide revolutionary information and business decision making capabilities for all in the Colorado water community. Mr. Adams is a well-respected, engaging speaker on Emerging Technology, Cloud, IoT, and Business Development. Chuck enjoys skiing, racquetball, and the outdoors. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Kansas and is married to Kimberly. They have 3 daughters, 1 son, and 3 grandchildren.

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Skills: Aerial Surveying, Aerial photography, Aerial Videography, Video Production, Photogrammetry, Drone Deploy, Drone Data Management, Data Analytics, Inspection

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