111 West Drones

Professional Drone Pilots, Aerial Photography Experts and Remote Sensing Pros


Price: 60 /hr

South Jordan, Utah

Industry Experience:

As a full service drone services and solutions provider serving customers throughout Utah and the USA. 111 West Drones provides market leading expertise and turnkey solutions for integrating aerial data into your routine business workflows. Both large and small businesses alike will benefit from the use of aerial drone data sets and mapping. ?Companies in the Aggregates, Mining, Construction, and Solid Waste and roofing industries will greatly benefit from our high-rtesolution aerial photography and 3D Modeling and remote sensing technologies. Our highly skilled, FAA certified commercial pilots and commercial drones or sUAVs (small unmanned aerial vehicle system) provide cutting-edge precision while reducing your time, equipment, and personnel.

Other Services:

Skills: Aerial Surveying, Aerial photography, Adobe Lightroom, GIS Modeling, Research, Business intelligence, training, part 107 training, constructioin monitoring, Cinematography, Aerial Videography, Aerial photography

Insurance Available :


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Pricing / Rates ($)

  • AGRICULTURE - 90/hr
  • CONSTRUCTION - 125/hr
  • DRONE SPORTS - 200/hr
  • EDUCATION - 90/hr
  • ENERGY - 125/hr
  • ENGINEERING - 150/hr
  • PUBLIC SAFETY - 60/hr
  • REAL ESTATE - 90/hr

Custom Packages

Residential Roof Inspection
Price: 90/hr
Deliverables: Roof inspections- identify roof anomolies, potential problem areas or high-risk areas. Remove the safety issues from using a ladder. Great for solar panal photos, leak inspections, chimmney conditions and more.