Drones can be a force for good in so many ways, but what are you going to do to harness their power yourself?

In the BRAND NEW podcast “Harnessing Aerial” host Leo Adams talks with top UAS industry professionals gathering valuable information on how to leverage the power of drones for good. With guests from industry-leading software, services, and other incredible organizations, our audience will learn from the experience and insights shared by these top pilots, providers, and other influencers to learn about how they can elevate themselves to the next level.

We want to give you the knowledge and know-how to start applying the best practices and insights shared by our expert guests. The topics of each episode span multiple verticals, use cases, and industrial applications that will fascinate drone service providers, industry stakeholders, and individuals looking to utilize aerial data within their companies.

What Topics Does Harnessing Aerial Cover?

The drone discussions on the Harnessing Aerial podcast will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the industry and often varies depending on the episode’s guest and their expertise.


Some popular topics Harnessing Aerial dives into include:

  • LiDAR vs Photogrammetry: When to use each and the benefits/pitfalls of each method
  • Scaling Your Drone Business: Finding Clients & Marketing Your Business
  • Aerial Thermography: Industry Applications, Sensors, Software & Other Considerations
  • Tips & Tricks For Creating Sustainable Success in The UAS Industry
  • Drone Cinematography: Best Aerial Cinematic Shots, How To Create An Amazing Demo Reel, Manual vs Auto Settings
  • UAS Insurance: What you Need To Know & Ways To Save Money On Your Policy