Using Drones For Solar Construction Progress Monitoring
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Solar construction progress monitoring is a vital part of any solar development project. By tracking the progress of construction, solar developers can ensure that their projects are on track and identify any potential issues early on.

Using drones for solar construction progress monitoring offers a number of advantages over other methods of progress monitoring. On-site inspections can be costly and time-consuming, while satellite imagery can be slow to update. Therefore, drone solar construction monitoring provides a happy medium between these two extremes, offering real-time updates at a fraction of the cost and time.

Solar developers can use drone solar construction monitoring to obtain data that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to collect. For example, drones can be used to measure solar panel installation progress, track the movement of construction equipment, measure stockpile volumetrics and assess site conditions after inclement weather.

Benefits of Using Drones For Solar Construction Progress Monitoring:

  • Speed: Drone flights are up to 90% more efficient than manually surveying the site allowing solar companies to get the construction data they need quickly, resolve identified issues and focus on important project needs.
  • Accuracy: Gather highly accurate measurements of site progress including solar modules, mounts, long beams, etc.
  • Safety: Leverage aerial data collection to eliminate the safety hazards of manual site surveys
  • Standardization: Recurring drone data and media is obtained of the same areas week over week which allows for standardized reports and visuals that make it easily to conduct comparative analysis over the lifecycle of the project.

These regular drone inspections equip solar development & constructions teams with all the tools to survey sites efficiently and confirm progress while preventing unexpected costs or project delays later on.

Easily visualize and monitor the site remotely to keep all project stakeholders informed, confirm contractor progress, and keep construction moving on schedule.

Solar Construction Tracking Deliverables:

Work with a professional drone company that has expertise in this area who can provide the consistent data you need in a safe, efficient and compliant manner. Nationwide professional drone service firm, Skye Link, utilizes an automated flight software to obtain all drone property survey images safely and effectively in order to produce client deliverables such as

  1. Orthomosiac (.tif)
  2. Detailed PDF report with solar tracking metrics including modules, MMA, beams, etc.
  3. Excel (.csv) files with above metrics for individual flight dates, or comparison metrics between multiple dates for comparative analysis
  4. Oblique overview visual images of the site from all cardinal directions (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE)
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