Drone Site Surveys For Commercial Rooftop PV CAD Modeling

Drone Site Surveys For Commercial Rooftop PV CAD Modeling

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Rooftop Engineering: Commercial Solar PV Planning Survey for AutoCAD Solar Design

Planning a commercial rooftop solar PV system using traditional methods can prove to be challenging. Manually gathering parapet, offset and obstruction measurements is certainly not as efficient as using drones to conduct the site survey which can lead to bottlenecks in the design and installation process.

Drone site surveys for commercial rooftop PV CAD modeling uses drone data to conduct aerial site surveys that allows solar design and engineering teams to accurately plan for installation while also enhancing worker safety. View obstacles on a precise AutoCAD Solar design base inspection map, leverage accurate roof & edge measurements, and remotely confirm project progress.

Benefits of Drone Rooftop Surveys for PV Planning:

• Speed: Drone inspections are 80% faster than manual inspections, which enables solar developers to inspect more sites in the same period of time and obtain the necessary permits faster.
• Accuracy: Complete solar design accurately the first time with precise aerial drone data and prevent unexpected costs or setbacks later in the project.
• Safety: Leverage aerial data collection to eliminate the safety hazards of manual rooftop surveys.

These rooftop inspections equip solar design teams with all the tools to survey sites efficiently and completing designs correctly the first time while preventing unexpected costs or project delays later on. The preliminary design is hugely important in influencing the final cost of the overall solar development project, providing further evidence why using drones for site surveys to get an accurate design is the optimal method for rooftop PV system construction.


Drone Site Surveys For Commercial Rooftop PV CAD Modeling

Data Deliverables:

So what is the best solution? Work with a professional drone company that has expertise in this area who can provide the consistent data you need in a safe, efficient and compliant manner. Nationwide professional drone service firm, Skye Link, utilizes an automated flight software to obtain all drone property survey images safely and effectively in order to produce client deliverables such as

1. AutoCAD (.dwg / .dxf)
2. Detailed Roof Measurements & Edge Annotations PDF report
3. Orthomosiac (.tif)
4. Digital Surface Model (.tif)
5. Point Cloud (.las)

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