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Skye Link News & Events Apr 10, 2019

7 Drone Industry Trends

PwC Names 7 Trends in the Drone Industry At The Commercial UAV Expo In Europe - (Many of which apply in the US and internationally as well)

1) Telecom will be a major beneficiary of the drone industry.
2) Energy Grid Operators are Scaling Up Autonomous Detection of Failure Modes READ MORE

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Skye Link News & Events Apr 02, 2019

DJI Jumps Further Into Drone Software Market

The drone hardware giant, DJI, continues to push forward and now looks to want a bigger slice of the pie in the drone software market by introducing DJI Terra, a drone mapping solution. Although the current version of DJI Terra only supports the Phantom 4 line, it will surely increase its capabilities…

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Skye Link News & Events Mar 27, 2019

Medical Sample Deliveries Via Drone in North Carolina

UPS officially partners with Matternet for medical sample deliveries in North Carolina.

They are first in the nation to get approved by the FAA for medical drone delivery.

#DronesForGood #DronesInHealthcare #Drones #UAV #UPS #Matternet

Full article here: READ MORE

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Skye Link News & Events Mar 25, 2019

Phantom 4 Pro Discontinued, Signaling Phantom 5?

DJI has discontinued production for the Phantom 4 Pro. That could signal the upcoming release of the Phantom 5.

Although that would make sense, it may not be true. This article explains other potential reasons DJI may have made this move.

Do you think the Phantom 5 release…

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Skye Link Public Safety Mar 19, 2019

LAFD Drone Program Success

One of the first major metropolitan fire departments to have a significant drone program, the LAFD, has deployed UAV's on at least 175 different occasions for incident related missions.

Despite privacy concerns they faced at the introduction of their drone program in 2017, they are showing…