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Skye Link Regulations Oct 16, 2018

Drone Industry Trends in 2018 & Beyond

Check out a recent Dronelife article highlighting some key drone industry trends in 2018 and beyond below.

One that stuck out was that "mapping is the most profitable service for providers – the majority of drone service providers making more than $100,000 per year offer mapping/survey…

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Skye Link Business Advice Oct 06, 2018

Why Students Should Still Write Research Papers

Feelings that will keep you from writing your own book. Essay writing generally comes as a challenge for people who aren't accustomed to writing essays and it's a very enormous job usually for the pupils who don't have any type of experience in writing essays.
Every story needs to have dialog.…

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Skye Link Regulations Oct 04, 2018

BREAKING: Senate Passes FAA Reauthorization Act

The Senate has passed the FAA Reauthorization Act. Now the FAA will have funding stability and clear direction on the future of UAS in regards to things such as remote ID, privacy, and enforcement. The package also covers other aviation topics like the size of airline seats.

What are your…

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Skye Link News & Events Oct 03, 2018

FAA Announces 9 New LAANC Partners

The FAA announced nine new LAANC partners including Airbus, DJI, and KittyHawk. These new LAANC partners open up other great avenue to efficiently gain airspace authorizations for drone operators.

This is just another step towards a fully integrated UTM airspace system!


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Skye Link News & Events Sep 28, 2018

FAA Reauthorization Bill Explained

The Senate has until September 30th to approve the FAA Reauthorization Bill. This bill would have huge impacts within the UAS community.

DroneLife's 3 part article explains what the bill means and how it will affect drone companies in the future.

Part 1 - READ MORE