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Disaster Response Drone Company

Hurricanes, fires, tornadoes and other natural disasters are occurring at an alarming rate. The use of drones is helping save lives by conducting damage assessments, providing disaster relief and extinguishing wildfires. Likewise, local law enforcement has been using drones for aerial data collection and to assist with gathering operational intelligence. This, in turn, helps us create safer communities. Additionally, firefighters can now deploy thermal imaging drones at the site of a fire and see through smoke during search & rescue missions. No question that drones are a game-changer in public safety.

Why Skye Link? We are a national professional disaster response drone company facilitating damage assessment through aerial data collection. Our drone service platform streamlines disaster response data collection by deploying local UAV pilots for natural disaster claims, aerial damage assessment, post-hurricane operations, wildfire support, and aerial mapping.

Services Available
  • Insurance Property Damage Assessment (hurricane, tornado, hail, wind, flood, fire): pdf report highlighting all found damage to roof including associated images for insurance adjustment & claims. Detailed measurements of roof including pitch breakdown, facet information, areas, squares, etc. Delivered either as pdf report and/or Xactimate / Symbility roof macros which can be uploaded into each estimating software.
  • Post-Storm Damage Assessment: Mobilize remote operator teams quickly and effectively to identify damage or potential hazards to powerlines, assets, and other structures.
  • Specialized Imaging: Thermal & LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging)

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