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Skye Link News & Events Oct 29, 2018

Newly Released By DJI: Mavic 2 Enterprise

It seems like DJI has been launching a new drone every week recently, but this time they extend the popular Mavic line into the enterprise market with the Mavic 2 Enterprise.

Combining powerful professional tools with the portability of the Mavic really opens the door for a lot of companies…

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Skye Link News & Events Oct 25, 2018

Closest-Ever Miss Involving Passenger Jet and a Drone

A drone flying in UK airspace at 3200ft AGL (8x the legal height limit) was 10ft from hitting a descending Virgin Airlines passenger jet with over 250 passengers onboard. Unfortunately, authorities were unable to locate the operator.

This reckless activity from rogue drone operators needs…

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Skye Link News & Events Oct 23, 2018

DJI Demands Withdrawal Of Misleading Drone Collision Video

A drone collision video surfaced of a simulated test flight involving a DJI Phantom 2 and a helicopter. With many test flaws and seemingly improbable results, the entire UAS community is upset, especially DJI.

DJI has demanded the withdrawal of the video. It is unknown how the University…

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Skye Link Regulations Oct 19, 2018

Europe's Plan To Implement Remote Drone ID

Europe is taking big steps forward with their newest proposed drone regulations. Their plan is to begin implementing remote drone ID as part of their UTM system and the industry is all for it to ensure safe operations.

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